I’m a big fan of The Hunger Games, both the films and the books strike accord with me personally, but i’ll not delve into that too much now. I want to focus on a piece of promotion for Mockingjay: Part 2,

Designed by Watson DG, this is a piece of interactivity which seeks to embed the audience in the narrative. It’s slick, futuristic design references the modernist appearance of District 13: a place where the people has long since done away with everything except the essential. It’s clean aesthetic and neutral colour palette connote purity while the splashes of red connote violent resistance, justified by the purity of the cause.

While the design is effective, it is the concept which i’m most impressed with. The first-person voice brings the user into the story in a way that web promotion for film hasn’t done until recently, and drives the user to not just consume the product, but become immersed in it’s narrative.


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