I am a practicing industry professional with over 5 years experience delivering software workshops and training

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Industrial Workshops and Training

I have experience delivering both introductory workshops and more in-depth training in a professional context. Having a working knowledge of industry standard software packages could allow you to make those urgently needed changes in-house, saving valuable design time and a potentially embarassing delay.

Student Workshops and Training

Similarly, it’s often the case that design students are not taught the software skills required to match their creative thinking or that given the pressures of education they do not have sufficient time to teach themselves. I have 4 years experience working in one of NIs top grammar schools teaching skills within a media context, as well as freelance tutoring experience.

Social Responsibility

If you are a public or community and voluntary sector organisation I can offer a considerable discount depending on the size of your department or organisation. I can also offer a means-tested rate to students and families that will allow you to get the skills you need without breaking the bank.

Please see the above form for my going rates and if you’re interested, please feel free to contact me via email at elliot@elliotlyness.co.uk